The harmonious whole of individual parts.

At L’ENSEMBLE, we curate everyday luxuries found in the realms of refined tailoring, elegance, and the rare aesthetic

Our objective is to collaborate with every client to compose their own best self with bold expressions and timeless classics.


Dumbo, NYC

Nestled below the iconic Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges in historic Brooklyn, L’ENSEMBLE is a reflection of New York.   In our showroom our clientele has exclusive access and rare privacy, personalized by one on one appointments with our team.


L’ENSEMBLE is personalized and intimate.

Conversation and collaboration are foundational to all our private appointments.  Building long lasting relationships and curated wardrobes. L’ENSEMBLE is a space where clients enjoy undivided attention, free from the noise and crowds of urban life.


L’ENSEMBLE provides an elevated experience. Our objective is to listen, connect, and inspire our clients to be their most radiant, and authentic selves.

Attention and care are at the heart of everything. To offer insightful and playful styling suggestions. To revel in the art of expressing your sartorial self.